puppy to adopt in his cage
You Adopt
Humane societies and pet rescues are full to overflowing and while many shelters are becoming "no-kill", millions of animals each year are still euthanized while waiting for a forever home.  You can help by adopting your next pet from a shelter or rescue instead of purchasing from a breeder or pet shop.
dog and cat paw silhouettes
You Save
As a thank you to customers who have rescued their pet and purchase one of our pet doors (or ramp, barrier, etc.), we will give you 10% off the cost of the product. (replacement flaps and parts are not eligible.) It is our way of saying "thank you for opting to adopt and save a life."
sad dog in his kennel
Hale Donates
As an additional bonus, Hale will also donate an additional 10% to the rescue organization or animal shelter that you adopted from.  It is our way to help shelter pets in all 50 states and to help other animals who haven't been adopted yet.
Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards program has been donating money to rescues and shelters across the country for many years.  We have donated over $400,000 just this decade and have over 2500 participating rescues.
family adopting dog
Help Your Favorite Rescue

Hale Pet Door has over 2500 participating rescues in our Rescue Rewards program.  However, if your rescue or humane society is not listed, don't worry.  We reach out to any rescue organization our customers designate and will gladly add them to our listing of participating rescues and send them donations as soon as we confirm their tax and mailing information.

For more information, call us at 800-646-4773 or send us an email. To order online and receive your discount simply enter the name of the rescue organization during checkout.