Dog up for Adoption
Let Hale Pet Door Help You in Your Mission to Save Homeless Animals
What We Have Accomplished
Since the Rescue Rewards program was started in 2006, Hale Pet Door has donated almost half a million dollars and we have almost 3,000 participating rescues.  
We Appreciate You & Want to Thank You!

All of us at Hale Pet Door appreciate the hard work, dedication and love that rescue groups and shelters display to save the lives of animals. As our way to thank you, we developed the Rescue Rewards Program. 

Animal shelters and private pet rescues are invited to become a Hale Rescue Rewards partner.  Organizations that have a federal tax ID and 501(c)3 status qualify.

When customers let us know that they adopted a pet, they receive a 10% discount off their Hale Pet Door. We then make a matching donation to the shelter or rescue that our customer lists. 

Dusty and Tica adopted from Fremont County Humane Society
How You Can Participate

Joining is easy. Rescues can fill out our online form or contact us at 800-646-4773.  Alternately, if a customer purchases from us and lists you as their rescue, we will contact you about joining the program.

We contact each rescue and send electronic and/or printed materials to share with adopters, on websites and social media.


What a couple of our Participating Rescues Have Said:

"What a wonderful program this is.  This is the 2nd check we've received and deeply appreciate your program.  We include your flyers in every adoption package." - 2/22/2011 - Monica Davis, adoption coordinator, Greyhounds of Verde Valley Rescue

"Our friends at Hale Pet Door just sent our shelter a check for $90.24 from their Rescue Rewards program. Much gratitude to Josh B____ and David U____ for their Hale pet door purchases and for allowing the Fremont Humane animals to receive a check for $90.24 today!" - 1/7/2019 - Doug Rae, Executive Director, Humane Society of Fremont County (The two cats pictured above, Dusty and Tica, were both rescued from the Humane Society of Fremont County.)