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3420 North Valencia Lane

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Phone: (480) 629-5367



Dedicated to placing rescued Cavaliers in safe, loving and permanent forever homes.
Cavalier Rescue Foundation is made up of a group of Volunteers dedicated to caring for unwanted and neglected Cavaliers and placing them in loving forever homes. The Cavaliers in our care are either owner turn-ins, breeder surrenders, or from puppy mills.

Most of our dogs come from Midwestern puppy mills. A puppy mill is a large scale breeding facility where female dogs churn out puppies for a profit with little to no true care for the health and welfare of the dogs. These dogs are left to live in kennels for their entire lives with minimal human contact. The females are bred every heat starting at 6-10 months and their puppies are either sold eith…er locally, online and at pet stores nationwide.

Our rescue is unique in that we have to pay for our Cavaliers at puppy mill auctions. These events are held in states like Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma where hundreds of dogs are tagged with a number, listed in catalog and one by one brought up to the auction block where they are sold to the highest bidder.(480) 629-5367

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