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560 Lighthouse Ave.

Pacific Grove, California 93950

Phone: (831) 333-0722



Animal Friends Rescue Project provides the following services:
-Placement of homeless animals into good permanent homes
-Major and Minor medical care, including spay/neuter for the animals in our care
-Education about the proper care of companion animals and education to promote compassion towards animals
-Spay/neuter voucher program and education about the problems of overpopulation
– Behavioral guidance and referrals

Founded in 1998, Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization based in Pacific Grove, CA. AFRP provides a safety net for approximately 1,200 dogs (through adoption and transport) and over 1000 cats each year.

Local animal shelters partner with AFRP by calling upon us to rescue animals that do not stand a chance of survival in the shelter, providing medical care (including spay/neuter) and behavior training when necessary, and finally, placing the animals in good permanent homes. These are typically shy animals, senior animals, underage or un-weaned animals, animals in need of minor and major medical attention, pregnant or nursing animals and those who have just been overlooked and been there too long. We work closely with the other animal welfare agencies in our tri-county area.

We rely on our community to provide these life saving services – volunteers, donors and local business sponsors.

Dogs and most of the cats we rescue from the shelters are housed in volunteer foster homes. Every animal coming into our adoption program receives all necessary medical care needed and when ready they are placed up for adoption. AFRP has approximately 400 active volunteers.
We have a lifetime commitment to every animal that comes into our care. We do not euthanize animals because they have been with us too long or for medical reasons. If an adopter is no longer able to keep their adopted animal we are committed to bringing it back into our adoption program. AFRP feels strongly about reducing the number of animals that enter our shelters and offers free/reduced cost spay/neuter vouchers for small dogs and cats. We also have a Community/Feral Cat Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program.(831) 333-0722

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