Slidell Animal Assistance League

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2700 Terrace Avenue

Slidell, Louisiana 70458

Phone: (985) 646-4267



The Animal Assistance League of Slidell is a non-profit organization which works hand-in-hand with Slidell Animal Control.
The Slidell Animal Assistance League, a volunteer non-profit organization, was founded to support the City of Slidell Animal Control Shelter and Citizens by:
Providing all food, medicine, medical care and comfort items for the sheltered animals.
Socialization of animals to prepare them for adoption through handling, exercise and play.
Conduct pet adoptions or placement of animals in service organizations which aid the handicap or law enforcement agencies.
Educate the public on being responsible pet owners, to have their animals spay/neutered, as well as have yearly medical health checks and vaccinations through a veterinarian.(985) 646-4267

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