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Pinellas Park, Florida 33780

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The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) was formed in July of 1998. IMPS mission is to improve the lives of homeless and abandoned Miniature Pinschers through rescue and the love and respect that comes with humane care, compassion and kindness.

IMPS was formed by a group of Miniature Pinscher lovers who recognized a need to place cast off min pins in appropriate homes. Breed rescue groups spay or neuter animals prior to placement, place with a written contract, temperamentally evaluate the dog prior to placement and work closely with adoptive homes before and after the adoption. IMPS actively searches for min pins in need of assistance and places them in approved homes where they can become the family members they were meant to be.

IMPS is a different sort of rescue group, providing a loosely knit band of rescue stations around the United States rather than an individual base in one area of the country. There are individual Miniature Pinscher Rescue groups located in some areas of the US, and whether you have a Miniature Pinscher you must part with, know of a Miniature Pinscher in need in your area, or are searching for a companion dog, we strongly urge you to work with an established rescue group in your area. There is no substitute for the support that an experience breed representative can provide to you in your own neighborhood.(877) 646-7461

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