Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League

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10420 Tullymore Drive

Adelphi, Maryland 20783-1147

Phone: (301) 434-1086



Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unwanted, abandoned, abused, and/or neglected Dalmatians in shelters find loving permanent homes. We evaluate the temperament of the dogs, foster the selected Dals in our homes, bring them up to date on vet care, spay or neuter, and provide socialization.

When we have foster vacancies, we will help with Dal mixes in shelters. We usually cannot take in owner relinquishments for foster, but will assist the owners in finding a new home by posting their Dalmatian on our web site if they will continue to physically and financially support their dog until an appropriate, permanent home is located.(301) 434-1086

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