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9558 Eden Manor

Parkland, Florida 33076

Phone: (954) 344-5298

URL: http://www.k94urescue.com


K94U Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that saves dogs from neglectful and dangerous living situations. We are an organization with currently over 60 dogs. We wholeheartedly believe that each living creature deserves a loving, safe and healthy home and we work our hardest to find a wonderful home for all our pets.

As a no-kill shelter, our policy is to never euthanize any healthy, adoptable dog. With their adorable faces and touching stories, each of these wonderful pets deserves a second chance!

The adoption fee covers the most basic costs that the dog incurred while at our shelter, but is only a small percentage of the food, shelter overhead, and medical treatment expenses. Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, we(954) 344-5298

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