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P.O. Box 300

Templeton, Massachusetts 1468

Phone: (602) 677-8034



The American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service is a national program affiliated with the national breed club. It is coordinated by Virginia Rowland and made possible by the many hours of tedious and hard work performed by our volunteers, many but not all are members of the American Bullmastiff Association, and the donations we receive from benefactors, adopters, the ABA, and others. The people involved in the Rescue program are dedicated to protect purebred Bullmastiffs in need and to provide the safety and care they require. ABA Rescue Representatives work at all levels including regional, state and local areas networking together for the benefit of all Bullmastiffs and the ABA Rescue Service.

ABARS’ mission is to find homes for unwanted Bullmastiffs that come from shelters or are owner surrenders from people whose lifestyle or financial situation has changed. Occasionally ABARS will get Bullmastiffs that have been abandoned at a local veterinarian’s office or from a good citizen that has found the dog and exhausted all means to locate the dog’s owner. ABARS is not a placement service for our members’ unwanted or returned dogs. We do accept owner surrenders from people who have purchased their dogs at pet shops or from backyard breeders, but most of the dogs we place are of unknown origin and unknown age. ABARS will not re-home a Bullmastiff that has any history of aggression to adults or children. ABARS cannot accept for placement, dogs that are Bullmastiffs mixes – we only take dogs that are known to be Bullmastiffs or can be represented as such. The Bullmastiffs are neutered or spayed before they are adopted and receive all the vet care they need so they can be represented as being in good health.(602) 677-8034

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