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PO Box 14801

Scottsdale, Arizona 85267

Phone: (480) 893-8571



ASHRA is a small rescue group specializing in Siberian Huskies. We are committed to medical and behavioral rehabilitation and adopter education.
Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Siberian Huskies with the goal of placing them in qualified permanent homes. ASHRA is also committed to educating the general public about the Siberian Husky breed as well as about responsible pet ownership.

Most of the dogs in ASHRA foster homes come from local shelters and are rescued when they are in danger of being euthanized. All of these dogs stay in foster care for at least 2 weeks for evaluation…. A few are in foster care for over a year, just waiting for the right adopter. Some of the dogs require more work, time and expense than others – many are in need of medical attention, some go through professional training, and some just need to be socialized. In addition to rescuing dogs from shelters, ASHRA has a referral process to assist owners in finding homes for Siberians that they can no longer keep. Before putting the dog up for adoption, ASHRA members make an effort to help the owner keep the dog in any way possible.

ASHRA is also committed to community education about the Siberian Husky breed, responsible dog ownership and the importance of pet sterilization. Volunteers speak to schools and other community groups to help raise awareness about the breed and the challenges faced by rescue groups in Arizona.(480) 893-8571

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