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15899 280th Avenue

Columbus, Nebraska 68601

Phone: (402) 942-1936



Bright Futures Pet Adoption & Rescue, Inc. is a NO-KILL, Non-Profit, all volunteer rescue group. We take in animals in need of re-homing for what ever reason. All animals are checked over by a veterinarian and treated for any medical condition that may arise. All of our pets are placed in foster homes so that they can be house trained and we can get to know their true personalities. We will know whether they get along with other dogs and cats, what bad habits there might be and if they are kid friendly. Of course we do our best to try and correct any problems before sending them to their new forever homes. We strive to find the right match for both the pet and the family. Sometimes things just don’t work out and of course we will take the animal back, always.(402) 942-1936

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