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For a variety of reasons, some people are not able to keep their Vizslas, and these dogs become available for re-homing. We also bring “shelter dogs” into rescue. Sometimes rescue vizslas have had no prior training, or they have been abused and need major care and rehabilitation. Rarely are they puppies.
As a rule, our rescue vizslas make wonderful pets and adjust well to their new families. Vizslas are active dogs that often act like “puppies” until they are three or more years old. Therefore, for working couples or families with children, we highly recommend adopting an adult, housebroken Vizsla because these dogs settle into the family much more quickly than puppies.
Before placing a rescue in a forever home, all shots are brought up to date, and all immediate medical needs are addressed. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Vizslas coming from an animal shelter environment may spend several days in quarantine as an extra precaution against contagious illness or temperament problems.
There are volunteer Vizsla Rescue organizations throughout the country. Each prospective owner is asked to complete an adoption application to help match the best dog for you/your family. The adopter signs a contract to ensure the care and wellbeing of the dog under rescue, to agree to follow-up visits and to arrange obedience training as needed. Please contact the group closest to you for the application form and details on that group’s application process.(410) 643-0022

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