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PO Box 26678

Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Phone: (602) 870-0037



Arizona Golden Retriever Connection was established October 1, 2000. We are committed to the rescue, foster and placement of needy Golden Retrievers throughout Arizona (our primary focus is in the greater Phoenix metro area).

Three characteristics make our organization unique among animal rescue organizations:
1. The passion, commitment and energy of our membership and leadership. Countless volunteer hours fuel this organization and make it possible to save shelter dogs and owner turn ins from euthanasia.
2. Our commitment to the perfect match. We are foster-based. Our goal is to minimize the number of times a dog is moved so we spend more time and attention on pairing dogs with the best forever home.
3. Our focus on the future. Arizona Golden Retriever Connection is always preparing itself for the next rescue by recruiting fosters, checking the shelters, updating policies and preparing our organization for a stable and healthy financial future.

Golden Retrievers are among the five most popular dog breeds in the US today. Like many dogs, Goldens all too often find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons. That’s where we come in. We are committed to the rescue, fostering and placement of Golden Retrievers throughout Arizona in loving, forever homes.(602) 870-0037

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