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PO Box 1345

San Martin, California 95046

Phone: info@jakeswishrescue.org

URL: http://www.jakeswishrescue.org/


Our mission is to save at-risk dogs in our local shelters and in our community.

Dogs like Jake – a tiny, blind Papillon mix who was found wandering the streets and brought to a shelter only to be abandoned there by his family who didn’t think he was worth the $20 fee to reclaim him.

Jake serves as an inspiration for dogs and humans alike – we believe that every dog is lovable and adoptable.

Jake’s wish is to find a home for every dog. Watch the video and get the Kleenex ready!


Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue is particularly interested in helping the most vulnerable dogs in our community – dogs who are at risk of being euthanized in our local shelters. We rescue dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors, including those that may require extensive medical treatment.

Jake’s Wish is a rescue partner of three area shelters — San Jose Animal Care Center & Services, County of Santa Clara Animal Care & Control, and Los Banos Animal Control Center.

We also help rehome a number of dogs directly from the community – dogs whose owners are unable or unwilling to continue providing a home for their pets. In these cases the dogs are kept from ever reaching the shelter thereby minimizing the stress and trauma that this environment can have on a pet already losing its home and also lessening the burden on our local shelters.

Jake’s Wish is committed to giving as many dogs as possible the chance to live the happy and full lives they deserve, regardless of age or medical condition.info@jakeswishrescue.org

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