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1307 Rincon Street

Simi Valley, California 93063

Phone: 805-526-0573



Our mission is to reunite lost pets with their owners and find new homes for abandoned pets.

Simi Valley Missing Pets Search and Rescue (SAR) Team will accept missions to help catch or trap missing pets in any situation that pet owners can not handle on their own and need assistance. It is well known that our core group will run out of the house on a moments notice to chase after a pup on the loose. Our lives and hearts are all about SVMP. By Sharing this info, we are able to get these pets home safe right away. In many cases these pets are abandoned. We then look for a safe foster home for 30 days while we search for the owner. After 30 days, the pet will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, and micro chipped then placed up for Adoption! In some cases more medical attention is needed.805-526-0573

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