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Contact Info

21802 61st Ave E

Bradenton, Florida 34211

Phone: 386-414-0317

URL: http://ewenityfarmsbch.com


We are a medium-sized foster-based rescue organization based in Bradenton, FL with fosters throughout the state and the Southeast. We give one-on-one attention to each dog – they are kept in our homes and treated as our own. We do not have a central location or shelter.

We specialize in herding breeds like border collies, Australian cattle dogs, Australian shepherds, corgis and others, and also help many non-herding dogs in need. These breeds are beautiful and charismatic, but also highly intelligent and in need of work and attention. Many folks want to adopt a herding dog and don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, landing too many of these wonderful dogs in kill shelters or on the street.386-414-0317

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