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3800 Kelley Hwy

Fort Smith, Arkansas 72904

Phone: 479-783-4395

URL: http://hopehumanesociety.com/


HOPE Humane Society (formally Sebastian County Humane Society) was established in 1937 and has been providing care for unwanted animals for over 80 years. We promote the notion that human and animal life are interdependent and that all animals, human and non-human alike, have needs and rights; most importantly, the right not to be abused but to be loved and respected for who they are.

HOPE Humane Society takes in all kinds of animals (birds, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, snakes, etc.) and do our absolute best to give them all a fair chance for adoption. We take in animals from 6 surrounding counties in 2 states and have an average of 450-500 animals on any given day.479-783-4395

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