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Our MAIN MISSION is to find the right homes for the dogs in our care and match the best dog with the best family. We are a no-kill rescue with a focus on FORCE-FREE training; and dogs and cats that come in to our rescue, will eventually find their forever home After receiving proper medical care and training when needed.

BDSC takes pride in our rescue dogs and we focus on quality over quantity. We take our time with the dogs in our rescue- Dogs in our rescue are in our care for quite a time before they are even placed up for adoption to be sure they are disease free and we watch for any developing health problems that may have been missed by the vet the first time around. We allow a sufficient time for our foster families to get to know their personalities so we can best match them to their forever families. We are careful with our placements so our adopters are happy with their new furry friends. We would never just shuffle a dog off to a new home just to say we saved

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