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P.O. Box 1409

Oak Harbor, Washington 98277-1409

Phone: (206) 280-7614

URL: http://olddoghaven.org/


The mission of Old Dog Haven is to provide loving safe homes for senior dogs, age 8 and up, in western Washington, who have been abandoned or will become homeless at this stage of their lives. This may include:

Taking the older dogs into our homes and caring for them as members of the family as long as they have good quality of life, with preference to the oldest dogs including hospice situations;
Taking dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy into temporary foster homes and adopting them into a permanent home with people who will devote themselves to the dog;
Assisting owners in placing their senior dog into an appropriate new home, without asking for compensation.
We intend to keep these dogs as healthy and comfortable as possible by providing excellent veterinary care, without heroic measures intended only to extend life.

We are committed to helping these dogs find peace in their last years, regardless of our judgment of the humans who have left them.(206) 280-7614

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