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PO Box 6644

Visalia, California 93290-6644

Phone: 559-429-5415



The primary focus of the Visalia Feral Cat Coalition is to provide food, shelter and education regarding feral cat sterilization utilizing the technique known as Trap Neuter Return (TNR), benefiting the cats and our community.
The Visalia Feral Cat Coalition targets identified problem areas in Visalia, California. We work with the local residents and/or business owners by education on TNR and feral cat colony management. In cooperation with the residents or business owners, a mass trapping is scheduled. Cats are trapped and taken to a clinic where they are neutered, vaccinated and their ears are tipped. Kittens and socialized cats are fostered by volunteers and placed into homes. Healthy adult feral cats are returned to their colony site where designated caretakers provide food, shelter and continuing care. Follow up trappings are conducted for missed or stray cats.559-429-5415

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