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Contact Info

PO Box 117

San Juan Capistrano, California 92693

Phone: 949-388-0034



Our Mission and Our Pledge:

-To protect the lives of stray and abandoned domestic dogs and cats in need, with the primary focus on the animals originating from within the City of San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas.
-A commitment to the humane treatment and rehabilitation of these animals through appropriate temporary housing, training and medical care.
-A commitment to responding to the animals’ needs through humane efforts with sensitivity, compassion and technical skill.
-A commitment to pursue suitable adoptions into permanent homes that address and fulfill the animals’ current and future needs.
-To encourage and assist in appropriate medical care for all domestic animals, including altering to help reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals.
-A commitment to humane animal treatment education throughout the community and beyond.
-A commitment to provide obedience training, where necessary, behavior management, where necessary, and assessment and evaluation of adoptability of any animal in its care.
-A commitment to provide follow-up services and advice to adoptive families, should those families so request.949-388-0034

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