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1630 CR 214

Durango, Colorado 81303

Phone: 970-759-8811



We began our work in 1985 as a home for retired sled dogs, but quickly turned into a full-fledged, all-breed rescue incorporated as a not-for profit foundation in 1997. We have a maximum capacity of approximately 70 dogs, but try to keep our numbers under 50 in winter so that we can give all our residents the care and attention they each deserve. We are a safe haven for the abandoned, neglected and abused dog population from throughout the greater Four Corners area. Our mission is to offer these dogs and those labeled as “difficult-to-adopt” by typical shelters, a refuge were they can live safely, comfortably, happily, and healthily until each can find his/her special person and forever home.970-759-8811

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