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PO Box 7946

Redlands, California 92375

Phone: 909-792-6199



The Redlands Humane Society generally has a varied selection of pets available for adoption. Cats and dogs, pure breeds and mixed breeds, large and small, young and old. All waiting for that special person or family to love and be loved by.

We operate an “all breeds” pet rescue and adoption program. We do not operate a shelter and never euthanize a healthy animal. All of our animals are in volunteer foster homes until they find good adoptive homes. We have no paid staff, this is an all volunteer organization. While this gives our pets a more caring environment, it also limits the number of pets we can take into our system at a time.

We are the oldest Humane Society operating in California, with over 100 years of history. This history pre-dates the annexation of Redlands as a city. Our historical documents are on display at the Smiley Library in Redlands. Our current program, “Operation Second Chance” has been our focus since the 1990s.909-792-6199

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