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2134 Hunn Rd

Foristell, Missouri 63348

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Amy and Carol had been rescuing animals for years, paying for everything out of their own pockets, when they met at work. They discovered their shared love of all creatures furry, feathered and hooved, and a shared desire to help all animals who are not fortunate enough to have a warm bed in a loving home. So they started rescuing animals together, helping as many as they could and begging for help and donations when they couldn’t. One day when Amy was working at a vet’s office, a man brought in a pair of pit bull puppies. They had mange, and their owner had tried to cure it with motor oil. The vet was going to put these puppies out of their misery, but Amy couldn’t let that happen. She convinced him to let her take the puppies, and she named them Heart and Soul. It was Amy and Carol’s pleas for donations to help these babies that drew Lisa into the rescue. She saw the ladies’ vision and these poor, sweet puppies and knew she had to help. That was 2010. Between these 3 ladies and a little help from some friends No Time to Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary became licensed in 2013.636-673-1635

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