Dalhart Animal Wellness Group Sanctuary

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12080 CO RD 38

Dalhart, Texas 79022

Phone: 888-893-2947

URL: http://www.dawgsntexas.com/


Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary has been in operation for almost twelve years. It was begun by four young ladies in fourth grade who were upset about dogs being euthanized in our town. Determined to stop this, they went to the City Council, convinced them to make the local animal control, a no-kill facility, and then formulated a plan to take all of the homeless cats and dogs into their facility. With very limited resources, they began picking up dogs and cats, having them checked by the local vets, vaccinated and most importantly, spayed or neutered. While facing many adverse conditions, both man made and natural, the students and their fellow volunteers, lead by a handful of adults, have rescued thousands of needy animals.888-893-2947

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