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PO Box 154

Hernando, Mississippi 38632

Phone: pepper@legacygsdrescue.com

URL: http://www.legacygsdrescue.com


Legacy GSD Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue incorporated in the state of Mississippi, and was founded in the belief that all animals have the inherent right to food, water, shelter, proper medical care and companionship. We receive no Federal or State funds for support & are solely dependent upon fundraising events & private donations to support our cause. Our vision is of a world where every companion animal is warm and secure in a loving home. We strive to educate against and prevent the abuse, neglect and abandonment of domestic pets.

Legacy GSD Rescue spawned from over 12 years combined rescue experience. Having taken a couple of years off from rescue work to care for a sick family member, in 2010, we felt it was time to re-enter the world of saving lives, and recognized an immediate need in our area, as always.We have chapters in both the south (Mississippi) and the northeast (Connecticut and Maine) and work in conjunction with local shelters as well as other rescues to better the lives of GSDs in these areas.

Our goal is to provide the absolute best care, and safest environment possible for our rescues. Since we are a small group that utilizes foster homes, and we do have a limit on how many dogs we will allow in any one foster home, you will find we usually have a small number of dogs available. While we would love to be able to ‘save them all,’ we feel quality is much more important than quantity.pepper@legacygsdrescue.com

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