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PO Box 3123

Durango, Colorado 81302

Phone: 724-355-9053



Blackhat Humane Society is a non-profit organization established in 2000. We are dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for abandoned animals and livestock. We are one of the very few Humane Societies on the Navajo Reservation (an area roughly the size of West Virginia). We have a tremendous problem with pet overpopulation. Cats and dogs are allowed to breed freely and survive on “what they can catch”. Puppies and kittens are routinely dumped at local gas stations and grocery stores. Parvo, distemper, mange and untreated injuries are the cause of death for most companion animals. It is rare to see a dog or cat over 2 years of age. Once the backbone of the Navajo economy, horses, sheep and cattle now roam the open range, foraging for food.

Our goals include fostering abandoned and surrendered animals, acclimating them to family life, and providing the animals with medical care, including spay/neuter. Once ready, adoptable animals are found forever homes throughout the Four Corners area and beyond!724-355-9053

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