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About 5 yrs ago I began trapping and releasing wild cats in my community to get them fixed. After seeing the tremendous amounts of cats and kittens being abandoned in the streets I began to bring some home and train them to become more sociable with other cats and people. Some were easy and others much more difficult. A lot of the cats that I have trapped and released are still around today roaming the woods in the towns I released them in. Some that became social are in their forever homes right now. Either way it has made me feel real good about what has been accomplished. 4yrs ago I began to help local shelters with new born kittens, and I also started fostering dogs that came from kill shelters. Kittens took a lot of work because of their feeding schedules and a lot of the rescue dogs were in desperate need of nourishment, shelter, and most of all LOVE! After seeing the end result I became so happy that I knew that this is what I was meant to do. A lot of the dogs were adopted and are still in their forever homes. The others that were not adopted I kept and built them a sanctuary so that they can enjoy the rest of their lives HAPPY! At least when it is their time to go to doggy heaven they can take some good memories with them. Hopefully when it is my time I will be able to see them once again happy, healthy. Dogs, cats, and people all deserve a chance at a good life. Age, gender, and health should not put a limit to how good one can feel by the love given by someone else508-923-1115

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