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The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) is a nationwide, 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit,organization.

NASRN is dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced and abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Dogs(ASDs) into safe, caring homes. Anatolian crosses will be included in our efforts as we believe crosses not only have many of the unique needs/characteristics of purebred Anatolians, but are often born due to the lack of responsibility on the part of the owners of purebred Anatolians.

Our organization is comprised of ASD owners, both working and pet homes. We have joined together in an effort to help homeless and displaced Anatolians find a new lease on life.

NASRN works with owners who are no longer able to, or no longer wish to, keep their Anatolians, in placing them in more suitable homes. We cannot, however, place a dog for an owner who is asking a fee or selling their ASD.

We also work directly with shelters in pulling dogs from facilities and placing them either in foster care or directly into new homes. Further, we are committed to helping Anatolians and their crosses, regardless of age or health condition.

We will offer and provide assistance to ASD and other Livestock Guardian (LGD) breed owners who are having problems with their dogs, in an effort to keep the dog in its present home.

We offer ongoing support to our adopting families to help them with any problems they may experience with their ASD.

When able to, we will work with other Livestock Guardian rescue groups to help place other Livestock Guardian breeds into new homes.(480) 987-0626

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