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PO Box 1504

McKinney, Texas 75069

Phone: 214-454-9395



North Texas Cat Rescue ( NTCR) is a 501 (c)(3) organization committed to the humane and compassionate treatment of cats.
It is our mission to provide for the adoption and placement of rescued cats and kittens in permanent homes. We are further dedicated to the care and wellbeing of these homeless cats and to educating the public on the need to spay/neuter pets, the prevention of animal cruelty, responsible pet ownership, and actively encouraging TNR in our community.
NTCR takes in cats and kittens from local animal shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, rescues abandoned felines from other locations (hoarding situations and through TNR), kittens and cats surrendered by owners to the extent of our resources, which greatly rely on the availabiliity of foster homes. NTCR places the cats in foster care for resocializing and regularly runs adoption events at Petsmart in McKinney at Hwy 380 and Hwy 75 South and in Allen on Stacy Rd.214-454-9395

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