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PO Box 714

Los Olivos, California 93441

Phone: 805-500-6977

URL: http://www.oyrr.org


Old Yeller Ranch Rescue is dedicated to rescuing urgent dogs from shelters throughout California. We are not shelter or breed exclusive. We have a small facility in Los Olivos, CA where we foster up to 15 dogs at a time as an intermediate home until a forever home is found. In fostering these dogs, it is our goal to work with them through the traumatic stress that usually accompanies a dog leaving a chaotic shelter. We pride ourselves on being open and honest in trying to place our dogs with a compatible forever home. We test for dog aggression, child compatibility, leash and standard obedience and if necessary, cat compatibility. We provide as much veterinary care as the dog needs to be able to enter his/her new forever home with a substantial amount of information on his/her current state of health. We give these dogs love and affection and will work tirelessly to find them their perfect forever home that they deserve.805-500-6977

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