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2789 S. Orange Ave.

Fresno, California 93725

Phone: 559-266-6364



We are a Nonprofit Animal Rescue organization with big purpose!! Our goal is to save as many wonderful homeless pets as possible. In Fresno County /City we have one of the largest populations of homeless pets in the Country. Without the work we do the future would be bleak for many homeless animals. We are 100% volunteer run organization and receive no funding from local government. What does that mean? It means we do this because we love the animals and no other reason at all. We feel their lives are worth the hard work.

We place our intake focus on the homeless pets in Fresno County and the surrounding areas and provide relief for many rural shelters that have no adoption programs in place.

We believe that all dogs and cats are as individual as adopters and make great effort to help match your family with the pet that is best suited for you. Through lifelong commitments and healthy fulfilled lives we believe pets are able to become the best they can be and amazing relationships are built.

We believe that together we can make the Valley we all love a better place for animals.559-266-6364

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