Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control

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7100 Belvedere Rd.

West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

Phone: 561-233-1200



The mission of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Staff and Volunteers:

Encourage pet owners to be responsible for pets in their care by providing educational programs on humane treatment, animal behavior training, and proper control.

Appropriately enforce county, state, and federal animal laws.

Provide safe shelter and veterinary care for lost, abandoned and unwanted animals.

Return to owners or adopt to new homes, as many impounded animals as possible.

Humanely euthanize injured and sick animals.

Encourage spay/neuter and provide reduced-cost surgery for Palm Beach County pet owners through three spay/neuter programs.

Conduct other effective programs, which protect the health, safety, and welfare of animals and the residents of Palm Beach County.561-233-1200

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