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Englewood, Colorado

Phone: 314-691-6810



Soul Dog is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization founded with the mission to spay/neuter and protect animals. We are currently a small group of committed volunteers making a difference in the life of one animal at a time. As an all volunteer administration, all donations made to Soul Dog go directly to improving the health of the pets that share our lives.

Soul Dog is proactive in animal welfare advancing the need for spaying and neutering our pets to reduce overpopulation. We travel to rural communities on Native American reservations, where spaying and neutering will only happen if it is nearly free or very convenient. Soul Dog works with volunteer veterinarians to provide the spaying and neutering service at no cost to the public. Donations are used to defray the costs associated with medications, supplies, and the operating cost for clinics.


To humanely control the pet overpopulation problem thru focused and aggressive spay/neuter programs in underserved communities. To partner with the communities where we work, in order to create sustainable change through education and community buy-in.314-691-6810

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