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PO Box 1094

Framingham, Massachusetts 1701

Phone: info@underdogresq.org

URL: http://www.underdogresq.org/


Underdog ResQ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dog rescue dedicated to the rescue of good dogs that may otherwise be euthanized in New England and the New York Tri-State Area animal shelters due to lack of resources and breed discrimination.

Underdog ResQ is expanding rescue services to NY. Now that two members of the group have moved there, they have already started rescuing and fostering dogs from NY.

We currently have volunteers and foster homes in MA, NY, RI, NH, NJ and CT. More volunteers and foster homes are needed in these areas.

Underdog ResQ was created for the purpose of saving good dogs from being euthanized for the wrong reasons. Most of the officers of Underdog ResQ have participated in the humane field to some capacity. We decided to create this group because we noticed that some shelters have limited resources to save good dogs from being put down. Many shelters, both humane and municipal, are forced to euthanize animals after a certain amount of time or if there is not enough space. This is fine and dandy for the popular breeds and ages that get adopted quickly, but what about the underdog? What about the mutt or the Pit Bull? Although there are countless dog rescue organizations in the area, many concentrate on saving one particular breed. Many rescue groups that save various breeds still discriminate against certain breeds despite good temperament.

Underdog ResQ will accept any breed of dog into the group as long as he is of adoptable behavior and we have an appropriate foster family for him. We are not trying to save the world. We merely want to give good dogs a second chance. Through our experiences in the humane field, we have seen mutts and Pit Bulls get absolutely awesome homes with families that are able to experience their great qualities. Compared to the cute little purebred lapdog, the underdog may need a little more time to find the right family. Underdog ResQ will give underdogs just that time.

Underdog ResQ performs behavioral evaluations on each dog before he is accepted into our organization. We tailor our behavioral evaluations according to breed and understand that some breeds were bred for certain purposes. However, we will not accept any dog that we think may be a danger to any person.info@underdogresq.org

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