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390 Old Hickory Ridge Rd.

Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

Phone: 724-229-7053



Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charity for animals that is operated at Angel Ridge Farm, a 51-acre facility located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The following is the Mission Statement of Angel Ridge Animal Rescue (adopted October, 2002).

1.To provide a permanent home and care for animals that are not adoptable due to their age, handicap, breed or temperament.

2.To provide a temporary home with the ultimate goal of securing permanent homes for:
•a) Animals that are adoptable but who cannot get a place in a traditional shelter or who have medical problems that preclude them from living in a shelter.
•b) Animals that will not adapt well to a traditional shelter or have been in a shelter for an extended period of time.
•c) Animals living in a shelter who have become aggressive due to their environment and are retrainable but in danger of being euthanized in the shelter scenario.

3.To provide outreach to the community:
•a) In providing pet food donations and other assistance to those caregivers in economic distress or those undertaking the care of many stray or unwanted animals.
•b) In providing advertisement and assistance in getting unwanted animals adopted through all of our community and media resources.724-229-7053

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