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Since 2012, we’ve placed dozens of dogs in loving homes and have been a key player in the fight to repeal breed-specific legislation. We are working to educate Colorado communities about responsible dog ownership and to provide resources to underserved populations.

ColoRADogs is comprised of a group of individuals, who are passionate about rescue, advocacy, outreach and education. We rescue most breeds, but our focus is on the group of blockheads called “Pit Bull” dogs.
•We RESCUE dogs in shelters, and those involved in large scale fight busts/cruelty cases.
•We ADVOCATE through respectful dialogue. We believe that vitriol closes the lines of communication. This prevents our goal of repealing BSL, and replacing it with breed-neutral legislation.
•We provide OUTREACH to communities in need by working to identify resource islands, and discovering the best ways to bring in those needed resources to those populations.
•We EDUCATE about responsible ownership, and work with other reputable groups to provide clear and honest information about what that means.
•We think resources are more important than rhetoric, and that income, race, sex, appearance or zip code does not determine who is a responsible dog owner.(970) 217-0156

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