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741 Wetmore Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43214

Phone: 614-268-6096



The Cat Welfare Association was founded in 1945 by a small group of people who saw the need for an organization designed specifically to help the many stray and abused cats in the Columbus area. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote better care and understanding of cats while providing for the physical welfare of homeless cats and kittens.

The cats taken into our care are strays and frequently have been abused or injured. We give them plenty of tender loving care along with any necessary medical treatment they might need. Our shelter provides a home for these cats and kittens until they are adopted, whether it be for a short time or if they live out the rest of their lives in our shelter.

One thing that makes Cat Welfare so special is that cats that come into our shelter have a home with us until they are adopted. In some cases Cat Welfare, our staff, and volunteers become a kitty’s permanent family and home.

In 2013, Cat Welfare adopted out 978 cats (and 22,839 since 1990) to loving homes. Housing, feeding, sterilizing, and medicating an average of 250 cats daily requires a great deal of money. Our income is entirely from membership dues, donations, bequests, and a variety of fund raising projects. All money received goes directly towards maintaining our shelter and its feline residents.614-268-6096

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