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32220 Old Hwy. 34

Tangent, Oregon 97389

Phone: 541-928-2789



At SafeHaven Humane Society, our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for all animals entrusted in our care. Our mission is to help our communities’ residents be the best “humane” beings they can be by providing: Compassionate temporary shelter care; healthy adoptable animals; information, understanding and education; spay and neuter programs, instead of euthanasia, for population control.

Finding Homes…Opening Hearts….Educating Minds to strengthen and improve the lives of animals and people.

We envision a community where every adoptable, treatable companion animal has a loving home and where every loving home has the opportunity to care for a companion animal.

We are guided by the belief that no adoptable or treatable companion animal should be unnecessarily euthanized due to space, time, appearance or treatable conditions. We are committed to:
* Giving a new chance to companion animals who would otherwise be discarded.
* Strengthening the humane animal bond through education.
* Helping people and their companion animals stay together through the support of programs and services.
* Leading responsibly with compassion.

We are a limited admission shelter that remains committed to the philosophy of not using euthanasia to control population. Once an animal is accepted, there is no limit to the amount of time that animal can spend with us. Once the shelter is full, however, no new animals can be accepted, thus preventing our current residents from being euthanized to make room for newcomers. It is this policy which differentiates us from publicly funded “open admission” facilities. These public shelters receive their funding from government agencies at a county or city level through animal control contracts which require them to accept all animals presented to the shelter within their contractual agreement.

SafeHaven Humane Society is a private, non profit 501(C)3 organization. We are not affiliated with any other organization and we do not receive any tax dollars or government funding.

We have many animals waiting to find their forever home. Come visit us today or browse online and see if one of our animals is your friend for life.541-928-2789

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