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15581 Stewart Hill Rd.

Union City, Pennsylvania 16438

Phone: clanzoo@clanimalzoo.com

URL: http://www.droopybassetrescue.com/


Droopy is a Basset hound rescue group dedicated to the welfare of Basset hounds. DBHR is operated solely by volunteers who find homes for abandoned and relinquished Basset hounds. All monies raised by D.B.H.R of W. PA directly fund the care of rescued basset hounds. DBHR is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.
Our mission is to take care of the needs of the Bassets that come into our program, then find them the right forever- home to call their own. Rescued bassets are from pounds or shelters, are strays whose owners cannot be found, or are relinquished by owners who no longer want them. Changing lifestyles, the economy, and lack of responsibility are some of the reasons for the abundance of abandoned basset hounds. And this problem is not specific to bassets only, but is true of all breeds and mixed breeds.
We take into our program only as many hounds as our resources & volunteers can care for properly. D.B.H.R takes the orphaned bassets into foster care, where they are loved and cared for until permanent adoptive homes can be found. Basset rescue also provides veterinary care, which included vaccinations, heartworm and fecal tests and spaying or neutering. Occasionally these costs can be extraordinary, but Basset Hound Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of the breed. And when a rescued basset is placed in a loving adoptive home to live the rest of his/her life, it makes it all worth it!
D.B.H.R. is also dedicated to education on such topics as pet overpopulation, proper nutrition and care, prevention of heartworm disease, and the necessity of spay/neuter programs. Through education on responsible dog ownership we work to teach people about the Basset Hound breed & their special needs. We believe educating people not condemnation is the key to someday ending the need for rescue groups.
While we are a diverse group of individuals, we all are dedicated to helping this special breed of dog. Our dedication to our mission is more important that the personalities of individuals, so we strive to work together in unity, patience & understanding to achieve what is best for the Bassets we care for. Our volunteers dedication to working together make us strong & caring family.clanzoo@clanimalzoo.com

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