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The Newfoundland Club of Northern California (NCNC) formed its rescue committee in the late 70s. Our mission is to find homes for displaced purebred Newfoundland’s. We work with breeders, shelters, and Newfie owners to find a permanent new home for any Newfoundland that needs one. NH&R is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Newfoundlands need rescue services for any number of reasons. Their families might have lost a job, or a home. It doesn’t matter what happened, what matters is that a family has a Newf that they love, but simply can not keep and care for any longer. We don’t judge, we help. If you find yourself in trouble and need someone to help with your dog, we will do everything we can for you.

And if you are a Newf lover and want a dog, call us. Rescue dogs come to us throughout the year. Finding a Newf puppy from a reputable breeder can be a challenge and involve waiting quite a while. A rescue dog might be an excellent way for you to bring a Newf into your family.

While there has always been a need for breed rescue services, over the last decade the need has grown. Newfoundlands are wonderful pets, companions, and family members; but they are not for everyone. A reputable breeder interviews prospective buyers. They make sure the buyer and the breed are a good match.

Many times the dogs we take in require veterinary attention as well as recovery time. We do everything we can for every dog; but we need your help and support!

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