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967 Griffin Pond Rd.

South Abington Township, Pennsylvania 18411

Phone: 570-586-3700



Griffin Pond Animal Shelter is a community non-profit serving Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties. Our shelter is not affiliated with The HSUS, the ASPCA or any other organization and so we are completely funded by private donations. Because we do not receive any federal, state or county funding, we rely on fundraising events and the generosity of caring people. Griffin Pond is the only animal shelter in Lackawanna County. Currently we have about 250 animals in our shelter, on a daily basis, which is a considerable cost when you consider how much staff, food, medicine and supplies the shelter requires to operate. We also provide for animals that are sick, elderly and injured that are in our custody due to various reasons such as owner surrenders and cruelty case investigations.570-586-3700

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