Sean Casey Animal Rescue

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Contact Info

153 East 3rd Street

Brooklyn, New York 11218

Phone: 877-721-7387



SCAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. We take in rescued, confiscated, neglected, injured, ill, unmanageable, or otherwise unwanted animals from private owners, zoos, shelters, and other public organizations.

These animals are cared for, and/or rehabilitated to the best of our ability and means until which time they can be found healthy, happy homes–whether it be through adoption to qualified candidates or legally released into habitats suitable to the specific species in conjunction with licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

Our Mission
Here at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, we believe all animals deserve respect and attention. We work tirelessly to give every one of our rescues a loving home and a higher quality of life.877-721-7387

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