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2746 South Hudson Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

Phone: 918-960-4005

URL: http://www.goinghometransport.weebly.com


Going Home partners with small municipal shelters and rescue groups, mainly in rural areas that do not have the resources or adoption pools metropolitan areas do, and transport dogs and some cats to receiving rescues in areas of the country where there is a need for adoptable companion animals. Presently we are partners with about 30 shelters and rescues throughout Oklahoma and the northwestern part of Arkansas. In 2010 Going Home transported a total of 610 animals, 1249 in 2011 and we are on track for over 2000 animals in 2012.

Going Home averages 4 to 5 major transports a month to receiving rescues in Colorado, Illinois, and Minnesota as well as Precious Friends in Clarksville, Tennessee for North Shore Animal League of America. We do special transports as needed. We have about 15 receiving rescues that regularly take dogs and some cats from our sending Transport Partners.918-960-4005

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