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298 Walton Avenue

South Orange, New Jersey 7079

Phone: 973-763-7322



Jersey Animal Coalition is a no-kill, not-for-profit, all-volunteer coalition organized in 1989. We provide homeless dogs and cats with medical attention, shelter, and boarding, and we find them permanent loving homes. We’re based in South Orange, New Jersey, but we place animals throughout the state and nearby states. Since our founding, we’ve found homes for more than 12,000 dogs and cats plus a couple ferrets, a pet rat and a chicken (our rooster is now mingling with elite designer chickens on a NJ farm!). Without JAC’s intervention, these animals would most likely have been euthanized in pounds or left to die on the streets. Our mission is to preserve life.

Every day (except for Monday) is Adoption Day at the Shelter, with special Adoption Days at other locations. We also encourage the fostering of our pets between adoption days. Animals within our care are treated with the utmost loving attention, including medical care, daily walks, socialization, and grooming.

JAC promotes spay/neuter, we reunite owners with their lost pets, and we educate the public about responsible pet ownership. We assist low-income individuals with food and medical care for their pets by paying their veterinarians and providing pet food or boarding. We’ve also established various special programs and funds for seriously injured, abused, or otherwise disadvantaged pets.

JAC is managed by a 16-member Board of Trustees, five officers, a small paid staff, and a large corps of dedicated volunteers. Budget needs for shelter operations and medical care are raised exclusively from fundraising activities and private donations.973-763-7322

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