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45244 National Road West

St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

Phone: 740-695-4708

URL: http://


We established in an effort to improve conditions at the dog pound and to alleviate the suffering of companion animals in Belmont County. Today with close to 3000 members, we strive to make our shelter one of the best in Ohio. At the present time, approximately one-third of the operating funds for the shelter are provided by BCARL (Belmont County Animal Rescue League), including all funding for the care of animals. We have teamed with the local correctional facility to carefully select inmates to complete basic training for chosen dogs.

Dog license sales, fines and fund drives provide us with help in funding animal care (including spay/neuter), daily operations, improvements and employee salaries. With your help and support we can continue to save more animals.

Our dogs and cats are adopted by approved individuals and/or families. They must be adopted as companion animals and live in the house with their family. We will not adopt a pet to someone who tends to allow the animal to live outside. In the event one of our dogs goes to a rescue, we will consider only those rescues who are 501C3’s. These are non-profit organizations who adopt only to approved individuals and/or families. They do not sell dogs or cats to the public, retail establishments, or pet stores.740-695-4708

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