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Orange County Pit Bull Rescue (OCPBR) is a non-profit organization formed in 2010. President and Founder Rebekah Yusko had envisioned a Pit Bull specific rescue and advocacy organization to build more of a centralized effort that focused on the breed. There are too many Pit Bulls in Orange County that are dying in shelters or languishing in “no-kill” facilities. OCPBR grew out of the need to save these dogs and give them the second chances they deserve.

Our organization has a small group of foster homes that are experienced with the breed and can offer them the care they need in order to thrive. All of the dogs are rescued from shelters or as strays and stay in loving foster homes until they are adopted. We focus on quality over quantity with our adoptions. While we want to rescue as many dogs as we can-we’re not about numbers. We want to be comfortable with our placements and proud of the homes we give our dogs.

Not only do we rescue dogs, but we also serve as advocates for Pit Bulls. Every time we have an event, we are representing this breed. Every dog we choose to rescue is going to represent this breed. We strive to give the public the much needed information about Pit Bulls in order to dispel ignorant myths; but also to portray these dogs positively and accurately.

As the first and only Pit Bull specific organization in Orange County, CA, we have also become an invaluable resource to our community. We offer advice and resources to the public to help keep their dogs safe and happy. While we are unable to take in every dog, we can help find a constructive way for someone to keep their dog, or, if all possibilities have been exhausted, we will help them find a responsible loving home for their pet. Our goal is to be a support to our community, offering resources and guidance to make this a positive environment for Pit Bulls so they can be happy and loving members of the

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