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SpokAnimal was incorporated in 1983 and has operated an adoption center and contracted for Animal Control for the City of Spokane through 2013. We have been given the unique privilege to assist our placement partners to address the critical issues surrounding the pets in their care, whether that be overpopulation, illness, or special needs animals. We help each of them day after day, animal by animal. Shelters and rescue groups work tirelessly to protect and save lives. With the support and encouragement of SpokAnimal, the animals in their care are given a second chance. This is not just an idea, this is reality. Our Cruisin’ Critters transport program received a grant from the ASPCA on June 1, to support the transfer of cats from SpokAnimal to partners in Western Washington, because we had more coming in than we had room or adoptive homes. At the same time, we have seen the incoming dog population decrease significantly. Your team at SpokAnimal believes in giving back, so we are picking up dogs from shelters, rescues and animal control agencies who have dogs that are at risk. Since June 1st of 2013 we have transferred out 235 pets. In the same time frame, we transferred in 425, and found them forever homes. At SpokAnimal, we are all about saving lives. We have done a great job the last 30 years in decreasing overpopulation, increasing our ability and commitment to spay/neuter, providing education to school children and groups, and hosting superb training for animal welfare workers, volunteers and the general public. As we move forward and transition to the new and improved SpokAnimal model, while all of these things remain important to us, our focus will be on saving even more lives through our partnerships. It is our intent to visit partner agencies throughout Washington and the surrounding states and pick up animals in need of a new home, spay or neuter them at SpokAnimal’s veterinary clinic, the Dorothy Clark Animal Center, then offer them for adoption to loving homes. This enables animal control, humane societies, and rescue facilities to have room for the endless stream of homeless pets and allows us to offer a happy ending for the pets in our care. Thank you to all of our donors who have made SpokAnimal the vital and superb organization it is today. As we go forward in this transition, we appreciate your continued support. SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization supported by the generosity of our members. Donations of time, supplies, great ideas and money shared with us by our members, volunteers and friends make it possible for us to continue our daily work to help the animals in our shelter and in the community.509-534-8133

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