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P.O. Box 59

West Cornwall, Connecticut 6796

Phone: 860-672-6346



The Little Guild of Saint Francis for the Welfare of Animals, Inc. was organized in 1960 when Muriel Alvord Ward and Eleanora Kleinschmidt developed a plan to alleviate the plight of homeless pets. In 1963 gifts from the Colonel and Mrs. Lee Garnet Day and other friends of animals made it possible to lease a permanent shelter space for dogs and cats in West Cornwall.

Unclaimed stray and abandoned dogs are referred to the Little Guild by the Animal Control Officers of all the towns in Northwest Connecticut. Stray and abandoned cats come to us from the people of Litchfield County who find and rescue them.

At the shelter, the animals are groomed, fed nutritious meals, inoculated and treated by a veterinarian. At the appropriate age the animals are spayed or neutered. While hundreds of pets are adopted each year, our policy of keeping animals until a home is found for them means that the Little Guild cares for some animals for months or even years.860-672-6346

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