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17612 Camino Martinez

Parris, California 92570

Phone: 626-340-9316



Angel’s Heart Dog Rescue is a small home-front rescue located near the Orange County/Riverside County border. We do not have a public shelter, rather, we are foster home based. Yorba Linda is simply a centralized area named. We are a non-profit rescue and donations are tax deductible. The primary focus is to rescue a few dogs from animal shelters who are red-listed for no other reason than there are too many dogs in an overpopulated state shelter system, and they simply need more time for someone to notice them. We are not necessarily looking for the cutest fluffies that everyone seems to want; we frequently look for dogs that others will not give a chance to, or who are overlooked. The intent is to locate friendly animals who could otherwise be great family pets if not for the misfortune of being homeless.

We are a shelter pull organization only. We do not take owner surrenders, however, we can help by way of our Community Outreach Pet Re-homing Program, whereby the pet owner and rescue work collaboratively to find your pet a new home. We also offer suggestions and tips for owners needing to re-home their pet. If you find a stray, you may phone us and we will do our best to advise you what is best to do. If you are willing to hold that found dog, until a home is found, we can help by way of our Community Outreach Pet Re-homing Program.626-340-9316

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